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Get Cloud Servers & VPS Hosting  guaranteed perfomance,99.999% reliability and security from Kenyan, South African, Nigerian, Ghanian, French, Canadian, American Tier iii Data Center, trusted by thousands of clients globally.

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Truehost Cloud allow set up of VPS and Dedicated Servers in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, France, Germany, Poland, Canada, US, Brazil in minutes. Through a variety of tool including drag drop website builder and web publisher in addition to free scripts such as wordpress, Joomla, wiki, magento allow idea to online launch in minutes.
Get started on Truehost Cloud, we have re engineered cloud computing to serve you like no one else


Our Clients

  • Media and content creators in Kenya
  • Large website that require to cache their content and data in Kenya
  • Local service providers like pharmaceuticals and law firms
  • Government Bodies
  • Hospitals

Among others

Truehost Cloud

application of servers

  • Web Servers
  • Email Servers
  • Data Backup Servers
  • Traffic Management/ Cache Servers
  • Application Servers
  • Among Others
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