Cloud Migrations

Truehost Cloud Migration


Truehost facilitate the movement of data by organizations to our cloud environment by providing key resources and services. We provide a way of ensuring safe migration to our clients

Migration Tools

we offer our clients with the tools and platform to facilitate the whole migration; from an offline virtual machine to an online virtual machine

Migration Plans

The process of migrations starts with having a migration plan. The plan outlines how an organization should shift its operations and data to an online cloud environment.

Benefits of Migration

  • Improved performance:
  • Reduce data redundancy
  • Secure/safety: venturing into cloud environment enables an organization create back ups and a safe way of running its operations.
  • Ensure business continuity: in the event of risk and threat occurrence, cloud environment facilitate business resumption and restoration of critical business processes

Why Truehost Cloud migration

  • Pricing: we offer dedicated cloud migration services at reduced and cost effective prices.
  • Customization Options
  • Migration Flexibility: we offer a flexible approach during the migration process allowing our customers to track migration. We further facilitate servers migration and database migrations.

Migration Process

  • Plan: planning helps an organization choose the best feature, tools or service of migration
  • Migrate: after getting the right tools and partner in place, an organization now embarks on moving its data to the cloud environment as facilitated by Truehost
  • Track: tracking is a way of monitoring and evaluating the migration process. as Truehost we help our clients mmonitor their server and databases after migration.
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